Friday, 24 August 2012

Left Over Really???

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Today I was reading news paper I found something really interesting. Actually kinda funny in an annoying way. Of all the marital status we have like spinster, bachelor, married, divorced, widow/er and our new age status like single, committed, engaged, complicated etc there is this new marital status called "Left Over" .

Yup "Left Over" you heard it right... China has come up with something which is a terrible way of describing a single women above the age of 27. It called "Sheng nu" Or "Left Over".  Seriously!!!. The Chinese government has a definition of the term also . Sheng Nu are the women who are highly educated , earns a high income and they have high I .Q level. They are good looking,  however  they have high expectation or demands when choosing their spouses. Yup right!  I guess there is no other disgusting way of calling a single women like that. Fortunately or unfortunately I fall in that category.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Just Rambling!

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Last week

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Last week had been quite a busy week. Actually march is quite an exciting month in our family . We have two big occasions to celebrate Birthday's of two very special and important people in my life. One being  the person who gave birth to me  and other being my lil angel who makes my  life special from the time she is born. Yes B day of my sweet mom and my lil sis..Even though we tried celebrating my Mom's B day from so many years, She likes to keep it simple and quiet.  My sister's B day falls just after 3 days of my mom's.So we have a double celebrations.


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